Upcoming BQA Certification Meetings:

 Knoxville Regional Livestock Market 

For more information please contact doug@iabeef.org or call the office 515-296-2305.

Iowa Beef Quality Assurance Program



Get BQA certified for FREE! 

Thanks to a partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., you can become BQA certified for FREE.  Visit www.bqa.org/team or www.BIVI-BQA.com  by April 15, 2014 and sign up for online BQA certification training.  Type BIVIBQA for the payment method.   


It’s an easy way to show you care! 

BQA Recertification Quiz -
Contact us for more details 

2014 Applications for the Iowa BQA Award - coming soon

  • Application for a Marketer
  • Application for a Producer
  • Application for a Dairy Producer


Guidelines for the Care & Handling of Cattle (PDF)

Biosecurity Basics for Cattle Producers brochure (PDF)



Past Iowa BQA Award winners:

  • 2013 n/a
  • 2012 Awards - 
    • Iowa BQA Award is awarded to Gregory Feedlots - Tabor, IA
    • 2012 Iowa Marketer Award is awarded to Knoxville Regional Livestock Market - Knoxville, IA
  • 2011 Iowa BQA Award is awarded to Couser Cattle Company, Nevada, IA - News Release
  • 2010 Iowa BQA Award is awarded to Morris Larson, Spencer Livestock Sales, Spencer, IA - News Release
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