Who We Are

TEAM BEEF members understand and believe in the nutritional benefits of lean beef and the vital role they play in physical training, being healthy and staying active.  TEAM BEEF members and supporters have the opportunity to share information with those who seek advice on health and nutrition, as well as how cattle are being raised by Iowa producers in a humane and sustainable manner. 

TEAM BEEF will be a loosely organized group of runners who will pick several races during the year to run in. Team members do not have to participate in all races, but are encouraged to stay active and promote the beef industry! 

Iowa TEAM BEEF members can be part of a larger national Team BEEF who support the nation's beef industry.  Check out National Team BEEF in the box at the left.


  • Understand and believe in the nutritional benefits of lean beef and the vital role it plays in training and living a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Actively spread the word about lean beef and help educate people who seek advice on health and nutrition.
  • Learn about the Power of Protein and beef’s nutrients in a short beef nutrition webinar (online) or read about Beef’s Protein Power and share information with others.
  • Share knowledge on how cattle are raised and the environmental practices that producers implement every day.
  • Take a short quiz to become a member of TEAM BEEF, which will help you to become familiar with key message points to share with others
  • Participate in at least 3 races per year as a member and spokesperson of TEAM BEEF


Members of TEAM BEEF will receive a breathable, moisture-wicking shirt to wear to races and events that they participate in.  They will also have the opportunity to interact and communicate with other TEAM BEEF members through our Facebook page (coming soon!). 

How to Become Part of TEAM BEEF

The following two articles have helpful information and key messages needed to be part of TEAM BEEF.   

Then take a few minutes to complete the application to become part of TEAM BEEF located in the upper left corner.

Fundraising with TEAM BEEF

Learn more about TEAM BEEF and their fundraising efforts with Iowa Food Banks.

Contact Us

The Iowa Beef Industry Council is your source for everything beef!  Please contact Brooke German at or call 515-296-2305 with any questions concerning TEAM BEEF, Iowa. 


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View TEAM BEEF photos from various races in our Photo Gallery


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