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Beef Checkoff Educates Health Professionals at Iowa Health Conferences

Rochelle Gilman | April 23, 2019

Contact: Rochelle Gilman, RD, Director of Nutrition and Health Promotions, Iowa Beef Industry Council, 515-238-0944

WHO Checkoff Update

IBIC Director of Nutrition and Health, Rochelle Gilman, provided a Beef Checkoff update regarding these events.


WEST DES MOINES, IA - The Iowa Beef Industry Council (IBIC) attended two state-wide health conferences to educate influential health professionals on the positive benefits of beef and the importance of beef as a food for strength. The Iowa Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Conference and Iowa School Wellness Conference both took place in West Des Moines, Iowa.

The Iowa Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Conference, held March 29, drew more than 130 health professionals, including registered nurses and respiratory therapists, who work with cardiopulmonary patients on a daily basis. Attendees were given new American Heart Association Heart Check-approved beef recipes and copies of the Strength Field Manual.

In addition, the beef checkoff sponsored a speaker for the conference, Dr. Mike Roussell. Dr. Roussell’s presentation titled, Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies for a Healthy Heart, discussed practical nutrition concepts concerning protein, fat and lean beef for reducing cardiovascular disease risk factors. Dr. Roussell share the latest research on lean beef in a heart-healthy diet. “These health professionals are at the front lines when it comes to providing critical care,” Dr. Roussell commented following his presentation. “They have a great opportunity to talk to patients about using simple evidence-based strategies for using nutrition and protein as part of a healthy dietary pattern to support heart health.”

The Iowa School Wellness Conference, held March 28, featured an exhibit with resources and information highlighting beef as a food for strength. IBIC reached more than 75 instructors and health professionals including physical education, health and after-school instructors, school nurses and wellness coordinators.  “These resources can be used to engage students, parents and instructors to help enhance school wellness programs,” said Rochelle Gilman, RD, Director of Nutrition and Health for IBIC.  Attendees received a copy of the Strength Field Manual, Farm to Gym exercises and a Beef Jerky Trail Mix recipe. Learn more at,


About the Iowa Beef Industry Council: The Iowa Beef Industry Council is funded by the $1-per-head National Beef Checkoff Program and the $0.50-per-head Iowa State Beef Checkoff.  Checkoff dollars are invested in beef promotion, consumer information, research, industry information and foreign market development, all with the purpose of strengthening beef demand.  For more information, visit