Beef Jerky

Beef at Drake Road Race Recovery Zone

Rochelle Gilman | July 2, 2019

Contact: Rochelle Gilman, Director of Health and Nutrition, Iowa Beef Industry Council, 515-296-2305

2,000 beef jerky samples were provided to runners at the Drake Road Race Recovery Zone after completing 5K, 10K and half-marathon road races.  

The Iowa Beef Industry Council (IBIC) provided beef jerky to 2,000 runners who competed in the 5K, 10K and half marathon at the Drake Relays Road Races held April 20th, in Des Moines, Iowa. The recovery zone, located immediately past the race finish line, is for runners to refuel their bodies after running the race.

Road Race participants were eager to make beef a part of their post-race recovery and the few that missed out on the tasty treat shared their disappointment on Facebook, “I can’t believe I missed out on the jerky. There’s nothing better than refueling with beef!” 

“Providing runners with beef jerky in the recovery zone is a great opportunity to feature beef as an optimal protein source for post-race recovery,” stated Rochelle Gilman, RD, Director of Nutrition and Health for Iowa Beef Industry Council. “Protein is an essential nutrient for recovery and helps build and repair muscle. A 3-oz. serving of beef provides about half of your daily protein needs.”

Runners were also sent pre- and post-race sports nutrition tips, through e-newsletters and social media, highlighting the importance of high-quality protein, including beef, for strength and recovery. These tips were accompanied by beef recipes, like Greek Beef Salad, for a satisfying post-race meal. 

As an official sponsor of the 110th Drake Relays, IBIC was able to reach at least 50,000 attendees and participants from all over the United States throughout the week long festivities with the Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner message. 


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