Checkoff Hosts Master Butcher

Beef Checkoff Hosts Master Butcher Training

November 8, 2017

Brooke German, Director of Marketing, Iowa Beef Industry Council, 515-296-2305

Kari Underly
Master Butcher and author, Kari Underly.

Master Butcher and author, Kari Underly, conducted "The Craft of Butchering a Beef Forequarter" demonstration to more than 45 chefs.

BETTENDORF, IA – The Iowa Beef Industry Council partnered with the Southeast Iowa American Culinary Federation and the Iowa Restaurant Association to welcome Master Butcher and author Kari Underly on November 6, 2017 for “The Craft of Butchering a Beef Forequarter” demonstration. More than 45 chefs, including ProStart students, attended the event to learn about the breakdown of beef cuts.

The training offered chefs an opportunity to experience the wide variety of beef cuts available to enhance their menus. Additionally, chefs were exposed to ways of preparing under-utilized cuts for new and creative flavor profiles. Learning about the cuts helped the chefs to understand how to use beef on their menu to increase their menu profitability. During the event, Kari demonstrated the breakdown of a beef forequarter, illustrating to the chef attendees the cut origination and valuable details about the cut.

“The event was a great opportunity to show chefs the hands-on beef cutting demonstration for a variety of cuts that they can use in their restaurants or classrooms,” said Brooke German, Director of Marketing for the Iowa Beef Industry Council. “This training gave chefs the knowledge of under-utilized cuts and creative preparation methods to enhance their menu offerings.”

During the demonstration, Kari noted quality and yield grade meanings, which is beneficial to the attendees who are marketing the product to their customers.  During the breakdown of the forequarter, the chefs learned the best cooking methods for each cut as well as cattle facts including cattle production information. The training provided chefs with a new and enhanced knowledge of beef and the beef industry.

“It is important to give educators and teachers the skills to pass to the next generation,” commented Underly about the event.

The afternoon training included a limited hands-on opportunity for 20 participants to breakdown a shoulder clod top blade and a chuck roll to learn about the value added cuts. The chefs purchased the meat and used it to create specialty dishes.

German noted, “Chefs are always looking for ways to increase profitability and add value to their menu. This training translates into purchases from the restaurants, as well as opportunities for consumers to enjoy new varieties of beef options.”

Sponsorship for the event was funded by the Iowa State Beef Checkoff Program through the Iowa Beef Industry Council.

Kari Underly is a third generation Master Butcher and author of the James Beard nominated book, The Art of Beef Cutting. She is the Principal of Range, Inc., a meat marketing and education firm based in Chicago, IL. Kari is known for her significant contributions to the meat industry. She was instrumental in developing and introducing important retail cuts like the Flat Iron steak and the Denver cut to market. She draws sold-out crowds to her workshops and training sessions all over the country, and speaks frequently on the topic of whole animal utilization. It is clear that Kari’s passion is education. Kari's favorite cut is the Ribeye cap and calls it, "beef butter”.


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