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Survey Reveals Important Information About Iowans & Beef

Casey Anderson | December 21, 2022

Mom and son at butcher counter

Every year, the Iowa Beef Industry Council (IBIC) conducts a state survey to see what Iowans' attitudes are toward beef and beef production. It also shows what Iowa beef trends are compared to trends on a national level.

The results help the IBIC make informed decisions on how best to use your checkoff dollars to promote beef, develop messaging, and reach consumers in Iowa.

This year’s key findings: Your checkoff is working

  • Weekly beef consumption is strong in Iowa.
  • Iowa consumers have positive views of beef and production.
  • Consumer trust levels in the Iowa beef industry are strong.
  • Iowans continue to want quick and easy recipes to encourage more beef consumption.
Important statistics from the survey:
  • 79% of consumers in Iowa eat beef weekly.
  • 39% of Iowans claim to have knowledge of the beef industry versus 27% nationally.
  • 85% of consumers in Iowa have a positive perception of beef compared to 71% nationally.
  • 91% of Iowans believe beef is great tasting and is good for many types of meals.
  • 73% of consumers in Iowa believe beef is safe to eat versus 62% nationally.
  • 71% of Iowans recognize the Iowa Beef Checkoff brand or logo.
For more information on this study and consumer research, reach out to your area leaders. The IBIC will re-evaluate consumer trends and attitudes to ensure your checkoff dollars continue driving beef consumption in Iowa.