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The Iowa Beef Industry Council is pleased to offer highly qualified peer-reviewed educational materials to Iowa teachers. These materials are made available by the beef checkoff, which is paid by Iowa cattle producers to fund beef education, promotion, and research programs.



Check out our FCS resources on beef nutrition, selection and preparation.

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Iowa AG Literacy Foundation provides educators and volunteers with resources to teach students about agriculture. 

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Download free lessons and activities from the American Farm Bureau Foundation that teaches students more about agriculture in Iowa.

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Beef Cattle in the Story of Agriculture

Children first learn where and how beef cattle are raised. Then how these cattle are processed into beef products that provide an important part of their diet, along with non-edible products that show up in everyday objects. Plus they discover how beef products are distributed and marketed.  For Ages 8-11, 32 pages - paperback. 

Beef Cattle an A-to-Z

This book introduces beef cattle and beef to children in preschool through early elementary. It uses a child's developing alphabet and reading skills to teach the basics of agricultural literacy.  For Ages 5-8, 32 pages - paperback.

My Family's Beef Farm

The Iowa Beef Industry Council in collaboration with the Iowa Ag Literacy Foundation recently distributed the book: My Family's Beef Farm written by Katie Olthoff. The book features 10-year old Cecelia Rowe who lives in Central Iowa on her family's beef farm and talks about how she and her family care for their cattle to raise safe, nutritious beef.

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A Letter to the Educator

How to use the PowerPoint presentations; science and social studies standards; objectives; list of activities included.

Wow That Cow! PowerPoint (UPDATED)

A lesson on Cows for lower elementary students.

My Cheeseburger Powerpoint (UPDATED)

My Cheeseburger Came from the Farm! A lesson on where cheeseburgers come from for upper elementary (and older) students.

Activities and Lessons

For lower and upper elementary students

Lower Elementary Activities

Beef Cattle Memory Game

Jokes & Fun Facts

Vocabulary Coloring Pages

Upper Elementary Activities

Comprehension Worksheet - My Cheeseburger Came from a Farm

The Cheeseburger Connection

Ruminants Recycle

Wastes are Food Too!

Byproduct Unscramble