May Beef Month

May is Beef Month in Iowa. Please join Iowa beef producers in celebrating the month and enjoying the high quality, nutritious, mouth-watering beef that Iowa is known for around the world.

The following information has been developed and funded by the Iowa Beef Industry Council through the Iowa State Beef Checkoff Program.

May Beef Month Logo

For use on social, digital, and print advertisement when appropriate. 

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State Logo

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For use on social, digital, and print advertisement when appropriate.

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An "enter-to-win" poster for counties that are giving away beef certificates.

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Sign-up forms for counties that are doing an "enter-to-win" giveaway with beef certificates. 

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Talking Points

Please feel free to use the following talking points. Contact us if you need any additional information.

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Should you decide to air radio commercials, please complete, sign, and forward this downloadable usage form within ONE week of the first air date to the contact provided.

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Customizable scripts for your county representative to use.

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For those looking to purchase billboard space, follow the instructions provided. If you are looking for a working document for alternative advertising efforts, contact us.

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Icon Key

BQA Certified - Beef Quality Assurance is a program that trains farmers and ranchers on best practice cattle management techniques to ensure their animals and the environment are cared for within a standard set of guidelines and regulations across the U.S. beef industry. 

Natural - A product containing no artificial ingredient or added color and is only minimally processed.

USDA Organic

Grass Fed - Animals spend their whole lives eating grass or forage.

Grain Finished - Animals spend the majority of their lives eating grass or forage and then are finished on grain.

Direct Marketing - Business sells products or services directly to the public, e.g. by mail order or telephone selling, rather than through retailers.

County Grant Program

As you work to enhance beef advertising and promotion efforts within your county, consider utilizing the county grant program. This program is funded by the Iowa State Beef Checkoff Program.

2021-22 County Grant Packet 

Please reach out if there are any additional resources you may need while promoting beef during May.