Kennedy brothers
Kennedy Cattle Company

Brothers Zak and Mitch work alongside their family at Kennedy Cattle Company in Cass county. They utilize tools and technologies to provide safe, wholesome and nutritious beef. 

Kennedy Cattle Company

Meet an Iowa cattle farmer: Kennedy Cattle Company

Since 1943, Kennedy Cattle Company of Atlantic, Iowa in Cass county, has been passed down through generations. Brothers Zak and Mitch strive for excellence every day and hold each other accountable within their business on the farm. Farming practices have changed over time to provide efficient, safe and wholesome beef to consumers. The legacy they are building for future generations includes safe animal handling, the use of vaccines, hormones and antibiotics when necessary to produce the best products.

Zak reminds us that consumers hold them to a high standard and rightfully so. “We eat the same product they do, we are very concerned our kids, and friends and family have a safe product and wholesome product to eat," comments Zak. "We are going to do our best to make sure it’s a great product in the end.”