Lamoni Livestock Auction & Fisher Farms

Lamoni Livestock Auction Market's Jared Miller and Jason Allen of Lamoni, Iowa along with Joe Fisher of Fisher Farms in Murray, Iowa showcase the important role a local market has on the community, the economy and Iowa's beef business. "Our relationship with producers is really important. They trust us for advice on their cattle herd and we take that very seriously because of the effect it has on their livelihood," shares Jared Miller.

"Growing up, the chant was probably the thing that drew me to the livestock auction markets. It's something that draws everybody and it brings an enthusiasm that can't be replicated, really." 

"We are a critical juncture between sellers and buyers and it is up to us to make sure those cattle are represented the way they were presented to us."

"It's very important to us that the cattle are taken care of from when they arrive here until they leave. We have a certified vet on staff that inspects everyone of them."

"It's a family event when people sell cattle. They come to the auction, eat in the cafe and socialize with their neighbors. It's a good place for them to come share ideas and see what the market is."

LAMoni Livestock Auction, LLC

Lamoni, Iowa

Fisher Farms

Murray, Iowa

Livestock Auction market

Cattle farmers and ranchers may work with an auction market to sell their cattle to other beef producers, feedlots or processing facilities. 

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