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The Rowe Family

“The goal for our cows is to have a healthy calf every year and to raise that calf until they are weaned,” Justin Rowe

Rowe, it rhymes with cow! 

Fifth generation beef farmer Justin Rowe has raised cattle since he was 9 years old and today is the owner of Rowe’s Red Cows.  With his wife, Corinne, and two children, the Rowe family runs a cow-calf farm in Madison and Union counties raising Red Angus cows. Yes, you read that right. There are Red Angus cattle! Although they are not raised as widely as Black Angus, the beef Red Angus cattle provides similar marbling and flavor. These cattle are more heat tolerant than their black-hided relatives and are a docile cattle breed with good mothering traits.

A cow-calf farm begins with farmers who maintain a herd of cows that give birth to calves once a year. When a calf is born, it typically weighs 60 to 100 pounds. Over the next few months, each calf will live off its mother’s milk and graze on grass pastures. Calves are weaned from their mother’s milk at 6 to 10 months of age when they weigh between 450 and 700 pounds. These calves continue to graze on grass pastures and may begin receiving a small amount of supplemental plant-based feed for extra energy and protein to help them grow and thrive. 

“The goal for our cows is to have a healthy calf every year and to raise that calf until they are weaned,” explained Justin. 

The Rowe’s both have full-time jobs off of the farm but being on the farm with the family is their favorite activity. The kids enjoy being outside and helping out however they can, including riding in the tractors, helping out with chores, and checking on the cows during calving season. The key goal for the family and their farm is to keep improving the land and building a herd of cattle the land can support. 

"The goal for our cows is to have a healthy calf every year and to raise that calf until they are weaned"

The Rowe’s utilize a rotational grazing program which allows cattle to graze on grass pasture for a short period of time then move to another pasture to graze on grass. The Rowe family hosted the first “Moo-ve Your Beef” event this year which allowed their customers to visit their farm, learn about how they raise cattle, and experience first-hand moving cattle to a new pasture.  

“We invited our customers to showcase what we do and how we do it,” said Justin. “This allowed them to get a perspective of our farm and cattle, and the finished product on their plates at home.”During the event, they walked their cattle down the gravel road to their new pasture. Customers there were able to watch this process, and partake if they wished. 

Providing quality cattle care is a number one priority on their farm. The beef that the Rowe’s raise and sell to restaurants and supermarkets is the same beef they feed their own families, so it’s no surprise that they want the best care for their livestock to help ensure everyone has healthy beef.  

“Beef provides zinc, iron and protein and deserves a place on our plates,” states Corinne. “We know beef provides part of the nutritious and balanced diet our kids need every day. Beef is what’s for dinner seven nights a week at our house!" 

Corinne enjoys sharing their everyday life on the farm through social media. Follow her and her family on:  

Instagram and Twitter: @rowe_kids_and_cows 

Instagram and Facebook: @rowes_red_cows  

The Rowe Family

Dallas Center, Iowa

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