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The Beef Industry Behind the Auction Block

Kylie Peterson | May 21, 2019

Contact: Kylie Peterson, Director of Marketing, Iowa Beef Industry Council, 515-296-2305
Chris Freland, Executive Director, Iowa Beef Industry Council, 515-296-2305

Lamoni Livestock Auction Market’s Jared Miller and Jason Allen of Lamoni, Iowa along with Joe Fisher of Fisher Farms in Murray, Iowa showcase the important role a local market has on the community, economy and Iowa’s beef business. 

The Beef Checkoff Program releases the latest farmer profile video to show consumers how beef gets from pasture to plate.

Iowa’s beef farm families work diligently to produce high-quality beef from pasture to plate. In the latest release of farmer profile videos, the Iowa Beef Industry Council (IBIC) features Fisher Farms and the Lamoni Livestock Auction Market. The video helps consumers understand the livestock market’s role in the community. Livestock auction markets assist farmers in moving their product to the consumer’s plates. The story showcases a farm family, the families of the Lamoni Livestock Auction Market and the individuals involved in a community effort of a day in the life of the livestock market.

Lamoni Livestock Auction Market is a combined effort of owners Jason Allen and Jared Miller, along with their families. The video begins with Jared “calling from the block”, meaning making an exchange from the seller to the buyer during the weekly Thursday cattle sale through the accepting of cash bids for the cattle presented.

"Our relationship with producers is really important. They trust us for advice on their cattle herd and we take that very seriously because of the effect it has on their livelihood,” shares Jared Miller.

He goes on to say, “making sure we do it the right way so as these cattle end up on consumers plate not only do, they taste good but are good for you.”

“It’s a family event the children, the wives, grandpas and everybody will come here and eat in the café & socialize with their neighbors. On a rainy day, it’s a good place for them to come share their ideas and see what the market is,” comments Jason Allen, in reference to the value this gathering place has on the community.

When Joe Fisher was asked what the market means for his farm he responded, “It provides a place to communicate about the newest products out, how the markets are doing and what we think is going to happen. Are cattle prices going up or going down?”

Jared Miller shares about the market, “There is so much more it brings to the community than just a place for people to sell their cattle. Running a livestock auction market and seeing my kids in the seats and thinking of the future. Would I like to see my kids take on my legacy, absolutely I would and I will do everything I can do to make sure they have that opportunity.”

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