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The Buying Experience

There are a variety of choices of beef available for purchase at your local grocery store, and the same goes for the beef available at a farmer’s market stand or directly from the farm. Beef choices can include production practices where the cattle were grass-fed, grain-fed or raised organically. Take an opportunity to learn how beef is raised.

If you purchase beef directly from a farm, you might have the option to purchased beef as a quarter, a side or a whole beef carcass. If you’ve had that opportunity, chances are you have wondered why you have received less meat than expected, given the live weight of cattle. The average weight of a live steer or heifer ready for harvest is 1,300 pounds! So how much of this product should you expect to receive in edible meat products? Learn more by examining the resources below! 

Beef BreakDown ExPlained

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Learn how a 1300 lb. steer is processed to 639 lbs. of edible product and where your favorite cut comes from.

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Whole Animal Buying Guide


A great resource to learn the value of buying beef locally, label definitions, meat storage and handling, etc. and other educational content about buying locally. 

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How Much Do I Get in a 1/4 of beef?

This infographic outlines what to expect when purchasing a 1/4 of beef.

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Beef Cut Guide


Unsure of what cut suites the recipe or cooking method you desire? No problem, click the link below for more info.

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Keep in mind

Make sure you know your preference in beef flavor. Different types of beef taste differently – grass-fed beef has a unique flavor from grain-fed beef. Cooking tendencies vary, so check out some options for cooking different types! You can feel confident that regardless of where you purchase, beef is an excellent source of protein and nourishment. All cattle are grass-fed for most of their lifetime, all beef is minimally processed, and is nutritious with 10 essential nutrients in every bite.