The Iowa Beef Industry Council is pleased to offer educational materials for your Food and Nutrition classes. If you have specific requests, please contact us.

True Beef: Pasture to Plate

Make the farm to fork connection with this series of lesson plans that supports the documentary "True Beef". In partnership with the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.

True Beef: Lesson Plan

This guide contains 8 lessons designed for the High School Culinary Arts or Family and Consumer Sciences program, however, STEM connections have been included for all lessons making it easy for teachers to make connections across the curriculum.

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True Beef: Documentary

An innovative educational documentary that follows agricultural science and culinary arts students as they learn about the entire process of beef production. The documentary is designed to teach culinary arts students where their food comes from while learning the importance of farming and ranching from agriculture students.

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Family and Consumer Science Education Resources


Looking to order beef education resources for your classroom?

Online Resources

Beef Grants

Beef Grants available for Family and Consumer Science Food Classes.

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Basics About Beef

24-page student booklet that covers all aspects of buying, storing, preparing and serving beef.  One free per student.  Basics has been updated and is available in PDF format (3MB file).

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Nasco Lessons has two beef lessons on their website.

  Beef Basics Lesson
  Beef Cooking Methods Lesson

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Introductory Beef Selection and Cookery Lessons

Two lessons cover reading the label, selecting cuts and connecting the cut to the cookery method. Developed by Medan Aden, FCS educator. 

Download the Interactive Butcher Counter Lessons

  Interactive Butcher Counter

Connect beef cuts to the appropriate recipe for maximum quality.

Ground Beef Taste Test Lessons

Two new lab-based ground beef experiments which incorporate Iowa Core Health Literacy and Family and Consumer Sciences National Standards, while utilizing inquiry based lab method of Science Writing Heuristic to encourage high rigor and high relevance. Lesson edited by Kristie Kuhse, Waverly-Shell Rock Middle School.

Ground Beef Taste Test Lesson

Ground Beef Lessons

Includes lesson plan and study guide, classroom recipes and teacher references. Developed by Kristie Kuhse, FCS educator, Waverly-Shellrock Junior High School.

Go to Beef It's What's for Dinner for more about Ground Beef including quick Freezing and Thawing, safe handling and recipes.

Additional Resources

Beef It's What's For Dinner Recipes

Hundreds of recipes and videos on beef preparation.

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Beef Foodservice Recipes

Five new beef recipes using beef that meet the USDA menu regulations. They were developed by the Beef Culinary Center and tested in several schools across the United States.

Download them at or at K-12 Ground Beef Recipes. Try these family-size recipes in your classroom, maybe as a trial for the lunch menu?

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Facts About Beef

Answer questions about how we raise cattle across the U.S. to produce safe, nutritious beef.

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Fact Sheets

  Beef It's What's For Dinner Fact Sheets 

Beef preparation, cookery and nutrition 

  Lean Finely Textured Ground Beef

Alias Pink Slime

  Beef Processing Video

Video tour of Beef Processing Plant with Temple Grandin - viewer discretion advised 

  Ground Beef - How it's Made Video

Tour of Wisconsin plant which makes ground beef for restaurants 

  Meat Labeling

Meat Product Labeling and Marketing: What Do All Those Words Really Mean? - Kansas State Extension Service 

  Beef Carcass Fabrication Video

Cutting up a side of beef into wholesale and retail cuts. University of Kentucky Extension Service

Nutrition Links

Beef Nutrition

A site specifically for those working in the nutrition field.

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This website provides a variety of tools to help teachers, school wellness leaders, health professionals and families address the nutrition and health challenges facing the youth of today. 

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